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GES Library Media Center

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Library Hours: 7:55 AM to 3:30 PM (Monday-Friday)

The library's mission is to provide a literature rich environment that promotes a love of books and reading. This is achieved by providing a library that is accessible, welcoming, and open to all students, staff, and parents.



Greensboro Elementary School Library





I Can . . .

  • visit the library quietly and safely
  • take proper care of library books
  • return books on time
  • read books

GES Library Checkout Policy

Kindergarten and First Graders may checkout -- one book.

Second through Fifth grade may checkout --two books.

GES library books may be kept for one-week, unless arrangements are made with Ms. Ward to keep them longer. Please help your child with the following things:

1.     Help to develop a love of reading by enjoying and sharing the book your child brings home from the library. Spend time with the television off so they you may enjoy reading together.

2.     Remind you child to have clean hands when reading books, to use a bookmark and turn the page with the upper right-hand corner.

3.     Help you child find a good, well-lighted place to read.

4.     Remind you child to return books on time.

5.     Send damaged books to the school for repair. Please don't mend library books at home.

6.     Help your child to find a place for his/her library book which is out of reach of pets and little brothers or sisters.

7.     Find your child a plastic bag in which to carry his/her book when returning it in bad weather.

At the end of the school year a fine will be assessed for all books that are not returned to the library.